Dhcpstarv - DHCP starvation utility

What is dhcpstarv?

DHCP starvation is attacking a DHCP server by sending a lot of requests to it. This lead to server's address pool exhausting after which DHCP server is not able to respond clients and give them new leases.

dhcpstarv is tool that implements DHCP starvation attack. It requests DHCP leases on specified interface, save them and renew on regular basis.

When a rogue DHCP server appear in network with DHCP infrastructure some clients can get wrong network settings. Those rogue servers can be switched by users by accident. The only solution to issue is to disconnect such server from network. But it takes a lot of time to discover rogue server if network is complicated, i.e. there are many network devices in it. As a temporary solution you can attack rogue DHCP server until find and disconnect it from network.

Do not use this tool for abuse. This tool was made not for such things. You are warned.


This software is copyrighted under GNU General Public Licence v3.

Copyright (c) 2007 Dmitry Davletbaev


You can download dhcpstarv source package from Sourceforge download page.

The latest version is avaliable at CVS. To download and prepare for installation execute

		cvs -z3 -d:pserver:anonymous@dhcpstarv.cvs.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/dhcpstarv checkout dhcpstarv
		cd ./dhcpstarv/
		aclocal && autoconf && automake -a -c

Installation and usage

Short instructions: download package, extract and change current directory to source dir. Then use these commands (last two must be executed as root):

		make install
		dhcpstarv -i eth0

For additional instructions see INSTALL file in source directory and dhcpstarv manual page.


Use Sourceforge tracker to submit bugs, feature requests and patches.

My homepage: http://ddo.mgn.ru/ (Russian).

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